1. N

    (Discuss) MQL5 trade copying...

    Hello guys, Who all here are copying trades from MQL5 signals Are they good enough.. Is it safe. If so, which are the best signal providers.. Share please Thanks.
  2. adelzadeh

    (Share) The japanese yen - why is it a safe haven?

    By Shadforth Financial Group The yen is the official currency of Japan and has been considered a safe haven currency for decades. A safe haven currency is expected to retain its value during financial market weakness and when risk aversion increases. In times of financial market deterioration...
  3. N

    (Req) Is there any ea safe and profit start with small deposit?

    Please share yours. best ea thanks
  4. A

    Still searching for an EA which can generate 5%-10% daily with minimum DD

    Still searching for an EA which can generate 5%-10% daily with minimum DD Hi All I am still in search of an EA which can generate 5%-15% per day with minimum DD. I have lost huge fund in forex trying various methods, strategies and EAS. Anyone please help me to find a safe EA.
  5. B

    (Share) NZDUSD M30 System

    Here is My NZDUSD Trading System Rules of entry Sell: You need a Dot at the top of the Bars and a Alert that it is safe to Sell Buy: You need a Dot at the Bottom of the Bars and a Alert that it is safe to Buy Dots: White is a Minor Trend Yellow is a Major Trend Download Link...
  6. rgabor

    [REQ] FX Safe Profit

    Well, my previous post was totally vanished, and I don't know the reason. (Capella, I sent you a PM regarding this, were you able to check?) As far I can tell, this EA is not blacklisted so I am re-posting my request with the hope that this time it will not be deleted. Does anyone have this EA...
  7. L

    how about pepperstone for big fund?

    hi everyone, I try pepperstone one year,very great broker,but is that safe for big fund?
  8. T

    ( REQ) Yan Fx Indicator

    Hello, Anyone has this new indicator and would like to share - Yan Fx Indicator Yan Fx Indicator- Your safe way to win in forex
  9. M

    Easy Safe Profitable Manual Forex System-Bliss Formula Complete

    This is Safe and profitable manual trading System forex Bliss formula by : Jimmy Robinson. System perform well manually If anyone follow the actual rules with manual.Sir cappella Momods or any senior coder requesting to make it a Automated EA with more any other strategy. thanks
  10. krish

    Friends decompile this EA :)

    Friends this ea was shared by Suffi on i have backtested it. martingale but with safe settings. but need some more modifications. kindly decompile it. thanks
  11. M

    EA cricked averanger evo 100% profit no loss

    ea power full and safe...............
  12. L

    how about citifx pro?

    hi everyone, How about citifx pro for big fund safe?
  13. L

    Currencies Outlook

    EUR/USD Forecast Despite some high-impact data due to be released today, the deadly Boston Marathon blasts has contributed to the decline of the Asian markets together with Japan’s stock indexes falling (approx.2% drop) as did the whole lot including Aussie’s , Oil and Gold prices .This would...
  14. B

    [2010] Charles B Carlson eBooks [Investing, Dividends]

    Charles B Carlson - The Little Book of Big Dividends 2010 Everyone needs to invest, but where do you invest during bear markets? The massive stock declines over the past year have eroded savings, but this doesn't mean you should stuff your money under a mattress. It needs to be put to...
  15. R

    ATTENTION to SCUMMERS and viruses.

    Lattely trying to download something my PC was locked instantly ( though my antivirus has just popped a warning to that pop up rediraction page that had a virus) I couldn't do anything about it. Scummers need money so they have invented another virus to creae an extortion to you and give you...
  16. mekas


    Hi guys, i suggest you to check, you broker, fx system or expert adviser seller, If you are not sure that it's safe. Good luck... Just enter exect web address.
  17. L

    ( REQ ) Safe Hedge EA

    Hi again to all WWI forum traders , can anybody share any safe hedger EA that can make 15 % per year ? TNX :p:p:p:p
  18. A

    (Req) Safe Droid LE

    Hi! I've received an email with this new ea... Someone has it to share? Seems interesting...
  19. M

    REQ Modify EA

    Hi guys, Can someone add a safe equity risk option to this ea. I use this ea as part of my manuel trading strategy. I place the sell or buy with it and then allow it to manage the trade. With the equity option it will be much safer as if the trade goes to far against me it will close all the...
  20. N for serious safe steady trading free trial included

    Hi Im here to offer a free trial of my trading signals. I trade serious, safe and steady and my signal service is honest. U do not risk getting your account blown or paying high fees that only make u lose money. Give a try to better your forex journey today!