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    Forex Signals: GBP/USD stops just short of 1.30 in early Wednesday bump

    Forex Signals: GBP/USD stops just short of 1.30 in early Wednesday bump The GBP/USD is trading back into the 1.3000 major technical level as the US Dollar downshifts in early Wednesday action, fueled by risk-bullish headlines from the European continent. Brexit headlines continue to dominate...
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    (Share) Make profits daily as a new trader

    Gone are the days when we are told only 10% of new Forex Traders succeed. People have become wiser and the expert traders have become more generous with their trading system and signals. If you really want to succeed as a Forex trader, you don’t need to crack your head all the time to know...
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    (Req) buy sell arrow not repaint

    any one have Brave Signals Forex indicator looking good Access Denied
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    (Req) Brave Signals Forex

    any one have Brave Signals Forex indicator looking good Download Brave Signals Forex No Repaint Indicator For Mt4 With More Than 80% WIN RATE | ForexProfitWay l The best way to download forex tools
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    (Discuss) Free Advisors MyfxPlay

    Hey guys! Few weeks ago I've come across Free Forex Store | Best EA robots and trader signals in Forex market | which provide free advisors. And I'm really impressed that it's not a scam. :eek: I just wondering if anybody use it? And could you tell what trading style and risk are u...
  6. TifiaFX

    (Discuss) Tifia Daily Market Analytics

    Hello! There is analytics and trading recommendations from the company Tifia in this thread. We'll be glad to share our opinion about the Forex market. Thanks and welcome...
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    (Help) 2 indicators in one

    Dear coders, is it possible to pack: in one indicator that if on one bar both arrows (at the same bar -close-) appear together and then gives a signal (audio and email) because those signals are good ones. like this: please let me know if u can do. thanks already in advance cheers tikolino
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    (ask) Futures signals provider

    Hello, my name is Martin, I'm from Montreal, Do you have any suggestions for a good signals provider for futures ?
  9. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Gbp/aud:

    Remember that Fib play that we spotted a couple of days back? Well, it looks like the pair is back to retesting the 1.6700 major psychological handle! This time around a bearish divergence is adding its weight in attracting forex bears. Don’t be so quick to short this one though! The 100 SMA has...
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    FxMath Harmonic Patterns Signals By Email

    Dear Traders, I would like introduce one our most popular free service in our website. If you are interested to advanced concept of Harmonic Patterns, you can join to our free trade signals according Harmonic Patterns. We generate and deliver this free signals by Email and Telegram Channel...
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    (Discuss) Forex Signals Indicator

    Hi everyone I am a forex trader more then 10 years. As a trader i know how exhausting is to sitting in front of computer and try to find some good trades. So i developed a great indicator that scans the market and locate trades for me. i am using this signals indicator for more then 2 years ...
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    (Help) Please add a filter to the indicator

    Can someone please add D1 filter. - When your main line is above signal line on daily chart - indicator showing only buy signals on smaller time frames like H1 and vice versa for selling signals. thanks in advance
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    (Discuss) thewizard - System (Signals)

    Hello There, Any one tried / used / currently using if so, what is the success ratio? I tried longtime back and it was 50:50. result, but not sure now... The Wizard has Great Forex Results in All Time Frames…From 458 Pips to 17,584 pips for Mini Contracts | The Wizard
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    (Help) Request to Convert this custom indicator to an ea

    Can someone kindly convert this indicator to an ea that opens and closes trades according to 4 arrows (signals) given by the indicator ( strong buy , strong sell , weak buy , weak sell) and make a variable in settings for selecting trading modes whether it is 1) weak signals only 2) strong...
  15. EnhancerSignals

    (Share) Supply and Demand trading report by EnhancerSignals

    Result Commentary GBPAUD - closed 10 September 2016 An excellent trade that produced more than a 4:1 reward ratio, despite lacking entry precision. The market managed to reach deep into the level (possibly due to the minor last-moment supply speed-bump that was created just above our level while...
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    DDMarkets Forex Signals Provider for Traders

    DDMarkets been giving forex and commodities signals for two years. Unlike the signals you might be used to, the strategy for every signal is documented on the website with the chart that was used. Every update ddmarkets upload a new chart so you can actually see the progress of the signal from...
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    (Share) How I make $200 weekly from forex!

    Hello... Let me share with you my story of how I make 200$ per week from forex. This is my third year of learning and trying, I tried all technical indicators and I’ve read all the books about trading and forex! Believe me, all the trading books are full of shite, most books contain only...
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    forex group free signals 80% success rate

    Join Our Telegram Group to Get free Forex signals with 80% success rate . Install Telegram app and search our Group with key word "FXSGNL" and click on join
  19. freddieforex

    (Discuss) Forex Signal 30 Platinum Edition2016 .. Don't Fall For This Junk

    Forex Signal 30 Hype for Platinum Edition 2016 states that you can double, and even triple your money monthly by following their trading system. Curiosity from a friend enticed me to check out the system and a purchase was made with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. According to the...
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    (Discuss) XLips good indicator.It gives accurate signals.

    XLips good indicator that gives a pretty accurate signals. Arrows on the input is not redrawn. Test. Download for free: