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    (Help) IBD (Investor's Business Daily) Home Study Programs

    Dear All, Please share if you have the following programs: Level 1: Beginning Strategies for Successful Investing (4 DVDs) Level 2: Intermediate Strategies for Successful Investing (4 DVDs) Level 3: Advanced Strategies for Successful Investing (3 DVDs) Chart School (3 DVDs) Short Selling...
  2. P

    (Req) [REQ] Perry Kaufman - A Guide to Creating a Successful Algorithmic Trading Strategy

    [REQ] Perry Kaufman - A Guide to Creating a Successful Algorithmic Trading Strategy Hello, anybody have Perry Kaufman - A Guide to Creating a Successful Algorithmic Trading Strategy as a PDF or ebook?
  3. A

    (Discuss) Is the trading psychology your biggest enemy?

    We as humans are naturally emotional. Our egos want to be validated and we want to prove to ourselves that we know what we are doing and we are capable of taking care of ourselves. As a human being you cannot eliminate the effect of trading psychology completely, but to be a successful trader...
  4. C

    (How to) How to create your own FX trading plan

    Hello, fellow traders! Just sharing an interesting piece of content with you. There is an old proverb that I like: “Fail to plan and you plan to fail.” Traders who are serious about being successful should follow this logic. A well developed personal trading plan could be the key to success.
  5. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) USD/CAD: bulls continue their rally

    On the USD/CAD daily chart, after targets on the previously formed longs were fulfilled, "bulls" face with the resistance at 1.3572 (50% Fibo retracement level from the last long-term downward wave + target 161,8% in the "Crab" inverted pattern). A successful test of the bears' strongholds can...
  6. M

    (Discuss) Do you use Instincts to trade?

    Hello Everyone, Have anyone been able to just trade "on instinct" or kind of get a feel of the market and trade, and have been so far successful ? Is it profitable to trade on instincts solely. I am yet to know and yearning to know I am yet to know and yearning to know if anyone has been...
  7. adelzadeh

    (Share) 50 pip a day

    This strategy requires you to use discretion trading it. It’s not automated and it doesn’t “tell” you when to buy or sell. However, as you will see, our rules for trading are easy-to-follow and fairly strict – so this really limits the amount of decision-making required. If you’ve got a...
  8. F

    (Share) Arbitrage API to rent

    I have arbitrage API to rent with the condition that you can test any brokers you want on its successful and we will work together and earn money. PM me if you are interested.
  9. adelzadeh

    (Req) [2015] Jody Samuels [The Trader Pendulum: The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Traders]

    [2015] Jody Samuels [The Trader Pendulum: The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Traders] Wiley: The Trader's Pendulum: The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Traders - Jody Samuels The new trader's guide to the business, psychology, and hype in trading The Trader's Pendulum + Website is the...
  10. G

    Traders World Online Expo Books

    Here are all 6 Titles in the Traders World Online Expo Book Series - Various Authors [epub] They are listed here: Traders+World+Online+Expo - Investing / Business & Money: Kindle Store 1. Trade the Markets with an Edge 2. Mastering Your Trading: Learn from Expert Trading Advisors...
  11. D

    Forex Secrets by Timothy LuCarelli

    Anyone to share: Forex Secrets - Successful Scalping Strategies from the Dark Side Forex Secrets - Successful Scalping Strategies from the Dark Side: Timothy LuCarelli: 9781626208650: Books Thx
  12. S

    [1965] Dickson G. Watts eBook [Speculation]

    Speculation As a Fine Art and Thoughts on Life (Fraser Publishing Library) The bible for successful speculators, written on speculation, by a successful speculator. Watts was president of The New York Cotton...
  13. M

    Do you need a teacher to succeed in Forex?

    Do you have a teacher in forex now? If not,can we succeed without a teach in forex? For me, at the moment, I am trading on myself. I learn by myself and trade by myself. But till now, I do not think I have been successful in forex now. Now I wish to get your opinions about whether I can succeed...
  14. M

    The difference between successful and unsuccessful traders

    The only difference between successful traders and unsuccessful traders is that the unsuccessful ones don’t know what they are doing and keep losing more money in a desperate attempt to get it all back. Successful traders know exactly what happens when they lose money and know how to put the...
  15. C

    What turned your trading around...from a zero to a hero in the making?

    I had just posted a thread yesterday in the Beginner's forum about how a couple of simple realizations can turn trading as an experience for me. I do not intend to proclaim that I have become successful overnight. But for now, trading has become an enjoyable experience, a simple one. And I have...
  16. wannawintrades

    (req) fxst

    Well I did a search here and could not find anything. These people have been spamming my email terribly, and I would like to try their software. It's Forex Successful Traders. Can anyone share the system please. The link is below.
  17. B

    [2013] Dan Murphy eBooks [Trading]

    Trading Strategies From a Trading Skeptic by Dan Murphy 2013, PDF Fact: 95% of short-term traders lose money. Even worse, the average stock-picking newsletter has returned -3.7% annually over the past 30 years! (Source: Jack Schwager, Market Sense and Nonsense). Despite the seemingly...
  18. worldwide-invest

    Lululemon must look for cultural fit in CEO search

    Premium workout wear maker Lululemon Athletica Inc (LLL.TO) (LULU.O) will not have an easy job replacing Chief Executive Christine Day, the company's public face who built up the brand to be an international powerhouse over the past half decade. Day, who announced her surprise departure plans...
  19. 6

    A special kind of transaction and charts, and who can tell this is? ?

    It was very successful, who can tell me what this is and Exchange Law
  20. A

    The Mindset of successful traders

    In order to succeed in forex trading and become successful trader we should walk on the footsteps of other successful and exceptional traders. It is the mind set that make exceptional traders different than the rest crowd. Our first goal should be to learn to think with the mindset of...