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    9 Ways of Forex Trading Which Make Profits

    For someone who is new to the Forex trade and for someone who has been in this trade for some time, the thought “Why some people make profits continuously while I incur loss frequently?” is sure to strike then and there. The secret is, ‘they too incur loses but accept it in the right spirit and...
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    Asia stocks slip to 14-month lows on trade worries

    Asian stocks slipped to 14-month lows on Wednesday, as investor confidence was chilled by the latest round of verbal threats in an intensifying U.S.-China trade conflict. MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan lost 0.3 percent, plumbing its lowest levels since July 2017...
  3. J

    EUR/NOK expect the cross to continue range trading

    Further rangebound ahead for EUR/NOK The cross is expected to remain sidelined for the time being, according to Morten Helt, Senior Analyst at Danske Bank. Key Quotes The weekly flow data from Norges Bank showed that foreign banks (proxy for speculative flows) last week were side-lined in NOK...
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    Web-based Trading or MetaTrader4/5?

    Do you prefer to CFD trade on a web platform, or download a platform like MetaTrader 4/5? I am pretty new to CFD trading and MetaTrader 4 seemed overly complicated when I downloaded it from a broker called GCC. So, currently I am using a web-based trading platform with Jones Mutual who claim to...
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    Can anyone recommend a new volatile crypto to invest in?

    Volatility is good if you are in the business of trading, so I am just seeing if anyone has spotted a really volatile one that is worth a few trades. Zcash was pretty mad over the Christmas period and I made a fair bit. Its levelled out now, so I am looking for a new one to hopefully replicate...
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    EA robots

    Hi mates, does anyone have EA robot mumet or Profit seven EA? please share
  7. dmnik

    (Share) Introducing: The ACB Forex Trading System

    Are You Looking for a Forex Trading System or Strategy that Will Allow you to Make Consistent Profit in Forex Market? We Present a Forex Trading System Designed for Professional Forex Traders Download ACB Forex Trading Suite rar
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    (Req) (2005) -Samuel Blankson " How to make fortune with options trading"

    (2005) -Samuel Blankson " How to make fortune with options trading" Request to please upload the following title if possible: Publication date: 13 June 2005. Author: Samuel Blankson. Title: "How to Make a Fortune with Options Trading " Ref:Buy How to Make a Fortune with Options Trading...
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    (Share) SAFE OPTION STRATEGIES-Jeffrey Duniyon knows how to trade with zero risk

    SAFE OPTION STRATEGIES-Jeffrey Duniyon knows how to trade with zero risk Learn the Right Way to Trade Never lose money again You have come to the right spot. Watch this class and learn the secrets of Risk Free Trading. It will change the way to look at the markets forever YouTube...
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    (ask) Looking for Bitcoin option trading broker

    Dear All, I am looking for Bitcoin option trading. Could you please tell me where I can buy bitcoin Puts. If possible, please share me which is good broker for bitcoin option trading. Many many thanks for your helps.
  11. vitalfx

    (Req) Please share these indicators from ""

    1: LogicTrendline (Logic Trendline) 2: . (Trend Trading Cloud) 3: . (Pin Bar Setup)
  12. wiseacre

    (Share) Anyone got the EA working like this?

    Looking for the EA trading the same as this one please.
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    (Discuss) GBP/AUD Technical Outlook before the Cash Rate

    Looking for new highs after breaking the price channel. In our last report about the GBP/AUD on September 5 the pair was trading inside a descending price channel and we recommended selling the pair if the prices are still trading between its limits, unless the prices broke the limit. We saw the...
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    (Share) US Clients - Choosing a Broker Tips

    Many of you guys know that the US heavily regulates the Forex markets. Quite frankly they don't like Forex. I've been trading Forex for over a year and it took me awhile to find a decent broker. There are really only two brokers in US. Offering 50x leverage and shitty spreads. I am posting...
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    (Share) Renko Charting Masterpiece -the Real GUru Richard Peter-LEARN HOW TO TRADE

    Renko Charting Masterpiece -the Real GUru Richard Peter-LEARN HOW TO TRADE Often the question is Can I find a good mentor who is not after money but after really mentoring me? IS THERE SOMETHING THAT REALLY WORKS? RICHARD PETER is the answer. The beauty is Richard peter gives his own trading...
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    (Share) trading

    1. day trading strategies by mattew maybury 2. inter day trading by b jonathan 3.price action market traps by ray wang 4. good man wave theory the simple system set up (3s) 5.dat trading the spy zero to hero by yuan byeajee 6. simple price action trading strategy to unlock massive stock...
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    (Req) "2017" -Jim Hansen- trading gaps with options.

    Could someone please upload the following titles by Jim Hansen: 1. Publication: 2017 Author: Jim Hansen. Title: Trading Gaps with Options. Ref: The Insider's Guide To Trading Gaps!: Gaps Are The Successful Trader's Friend (Make A Fortune Trading Stocks And Options Book 3) eBook: Jim Hansen...
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    (Req) Market Traders Institute-Target Trading Course

    Please anyone share this. --------- This Labor Day weekend only, Market Traders Institute is combining our top 2 Forex trading courses at the lowest price of the year -- and to get you started investing in the markets -- for only $995! And you can reserve this amazing deal for just *$97 right...
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    (Req) Udemy: Hedge Fund Trading System

    Learn the trading strategy that trend-following hedge funds are using to profit from the financial markets. In this free Forex trading system, you will discover how I trade for a living. It is not only me who is using this (or similar) trading systems. There are at least a few dozen of...
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    (Share) Forex Intraday Scalper EA!

    Hi All, Hope all is well! Does any care to share Forex Intraday Scalper EA, or samirfx/forex-scalping-ea? I'm not promoting by no means, I just want to test. It appears to be a very solid system. https : // www . altredo . com profiteadeveloper .blog spot .in/ Can anyone share? Thank you in...