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    Asia stocks slip to 14-month lows on trade worries

    Asian stocks slipped to 14-month lows on Wednesday, as investor confidence was chilled by the latest round of verbal threats in an intensifying U.S.-China trade conflict. MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan lost 0.3 percent, plumbing its lowest levels since July 2017...
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    (Discuss) AUD/CAD: Fundamental Review and Forecast

    There're a high volatility today. Investors are waiting for the decision of the Bank of Canada about raising the interest rate. Probably this issue will be postponed until December. The AUD/CAD rates continue in the frames of a weak downward trend. The only thing that has changed over the last...
  3. vitalfx

    (Req) Please share these indicators from ""

    1: LogicTrendline (Logic Trendline) 2: . (Trend Trading Cloud) 3: . (Pin Bar Setup)
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    (Help) please any one have this type indicator

    any member have indiator give multi time frame trend give like this image
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    (Discuss) GBP/JPY Technical Analysis before BoJ Policy Rate

    The GBP/JPY rally will continue after retesting the broken level. The GBP/JPY rally hasn’t finished yet. The pair recorded its highest prices in more than 14 months after the Brexit vote on June 23 last year. The pair had a strong resistance area at 147.93, which it tried to break three times...
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    Win2Pips V

    This is Multi-Currency EA. You have to attach this EA to one chart only! (EURUSD M15) It will work with ALL currency pairs. This EA does not Average, Scalp, Martingale, but is pure Trend following & trades signal to signal. Please test on demo account first. Input Parameters LicenseKey: The...
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    (Share) SuperForex - Technical Analysis

    Positive economic data from Japan significantly impacted the rates. Seems like formation of the new upward trend. The rates continue in the frames of the upward trend, but we can see on the chart formation of a weak downtrend. Formation of a new trend is based on the decreasing of oil prices...
  8. adelzadeh

    (Share) Elliott Wave - Platinum Membership No matter who you are, what method you subscribe to, or what trading ability you currently possess, there is one thing we all have in common – we all want to get in front of the big market moves and grow our account while...
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    (Share) Forex: What's a Trend and When it is Strong and Reliable

    Forex: What's a Trend and When it is Strong and Reliable | Udemy You have basic Forex training but do not have a stable income or good performance? You do not feel safe in identifying a real trend, and your strategies work on and off? Learn how to Identify Real and Strong Trends and Avoid Up...
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    (Share) Trend Trading on Day Charts

    Thread closed.
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    (Share) Trend Vision trend indicator

    I throw out a good indicator for determining the trend and the flat.
  12. C

    (Req) Re:trend arrows indicator

    Re:trend arrows indicator Could someone please help to add sound alert to this trend arrow indicator. Thanks.
  13. S

    (Req) Trend Focus Indicator

    Hi guys, who has this to share? Thanks Trend Focus Indicator
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    (Share) GBPUSD is forming a triangle pattern on daily chart

    GBPUSD is forming a triangle pattern on daily chart. Resistance is at the upper trend line of the pattern, as long as this trend line resistance holds, sideways movement could be expected to continue and next target is to test the support of the lower trend line. On the upside, a clear break...
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    (Share) USDJPY stays below a descending trend line

    USDJPY stays below a descending trend line on daily chart and remains in downtrend from 118.66. As long as the pair is below the trend line, the downtrend could be expected to continue, and next target would be at 108.00 area. On the upside, a clear break above the trend line resistance will...
  16. Pannik

    (Share) 5 Minutes Scalping Manual System

    Hello, I make some indicators to build a manual system. I don't know if system is profitable or not. I don't test system in demo or real account. It consists of five indicators, I think is better to test it in M5 time frame and start of EURUSD chart. How set up it. Put .TPL file in...
  17. R

    (Share) The power of XTL candles with colors for uptrend downtrend and no trend

    The power of XTL candles with colors for uptrend downtrend and no trend Hi friends Have you heard of XTL? XTL = Expert Trend Locator. A beautiful code to identify the current trend. XTL is a tool used for trend trading. XTL is color of a candle the color comes from cci(20) and its...
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    (Share) ayrex plateform so wonderful

    Thanks for the opportunity. I really enjoy working during market open. I succeeded open my order without delay time. I can use mt4 indicator to check the trend. Is always interesting in the trend, this is a rule. This plateform is very interesting, I would like to say that it is very important...
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    (Share) What is the best trend indicator

    Just sharing a very valuable and interesting video on the webinar "What is the best trend indicator?"