1. P

    (Discuss) Tds2

    Someone know if there is a web service for EA optimization using TDS2?
  2. D

    (Discuss) It seems like a good system

    Hello to all. I would like to share a system that I would like to test. It seems to me that it can have good results. You just have to follow the messages that appear, a letter tells you if ADX is favorable and trading is less risky. Need some indicators I found on the web and attached. I use it...
  3. J

    (Req) Scalper

    Anybody hear of this: http://xxx.snipersuite.c0m/ I searched the web and found some good reports. Expensive though.
  4. B

    (Help) Financial Statements 101: How to read a Balance Sheet

    Please visit this web page Financial Statements 101: How to read a Balance Sheet / AvaxHome Description of the course is there in that web page itself. Links to the file are at the bottom of the above mentioned web page First part of the file is of the size of 260 M. B. which is impossible...
  5. T

    (Discuss) It seems an interesting indicator. Somebody knows about it?

    Hi I came across this ebay indicator and it seems very interesting. But no name displayed i don't know how to search it over the web. Somebody bought it? It is very similar to an indicator that i use called step ma FOREX FUTURES indicator for trading system mt4 scalping & daytrading strategy! |...
  6. PedroPT

    Arbitrage FX

    Hi, Someone please share this new Arbitrage FX seems to be an profitable strategy. Official Web Site - Arbitrage FX Arbitrage FX Live Account performance. Regards
  7. PedroPT

    Forex Oswin Robot

    Hi, Any one have this new ea, live account with impressive results. Official Web Site here Real Account Performance here Regards
  8. V

    Cloud EA

    Found this free EA on the web Can someone do a 99.9% long term test
  9. K

    which charts

    Now that iam a full time trader i want to move away from using mt4 and get some decent charts ive heard good things about tradingview a web basted chart also E signal can anyone recommend any others or having any exsperiance with the two above thanks
  10. T

    want coder- best EA i ever saw

    hello friend i found some web site who develop the best EA. but he is not going to sell it any more. i request lot of time to buy it but he is refuse. here is the web site link my forex life | Hope u get the courage to overcome and bear the loss one of my friend using that EA and having...
  11. G

    (REQ) Forextester 2 (Forexsmartools)

    Trade Log + Calculator , Forex Tester2 Above items are all interesting to look at...Forextester 2 so far no any kind of crack version :confused: ...but the other two also useful for traders.. web..www...f0xxxsmartools.com/fxxxxxtester.com :D Submited request : if anyone has....
  12. philippe5

    [REQ] forex rampage ea

    Any review for this ea? Forex Rampage EA OFFICIAL WEB SITE
  13. wannawintrades

    (Question) Legal Insider Bot

    Does anyone have experience with this vendor? They have been blowing my inbox up with offers of a $500,000 dollar loss insurance. I've searched on Google and get no hits at all of people who have actually tested it. No one on the forums have mentioned either. It's supposed to be a no loss...
  14. A

    [REQ] Sam Seiden's FXStreet Webinars 2007-2014

    Hi Does anybody have all of his free web fxstreet seminars in one pack, please? Regards Redne
  15. G

    [Req] fxnewskiller

    Anyone have fxnewskiller Please share here. Web www#fxnewskiller#com Performance http://www.myfxbook.com/members/ipushkarev/news/628199
  16. E

    [2002] John Leslie Livingstone, Theodore Grossman ebook

    FATHER'S DAY GIFT TO ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS I hope this works. http://www.sendspace.com/file/3lxqeb OFF TO THE RACES. HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS WEB SITE.
  17. M

    This is a good scalper statement attache also the link of web site russian.

    This is a good scalper statement attache also the link of web site russian. can any one say about this scalper. Looks good. scam or real. http://ratesniper.ru/auction_details.php?auction_id=150071
  18. C

    Bank ea

    Anyone has bank EA ? http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/metatrader_expert_advisor/bank_ea/real web site is closed BankExpertAdvisor.com
  19. R

    (Req) Expert Bee Russian

  20. C

    4xgeed EA

    Somebody have experienced with 4xgeed EA? http://www.4shared.com/zip/zA57th2T/4XGREED_Expert_Advisor.html web : www.4xgreed.com