(Req) 1000pip climber system

received signal today..USDCAD 4hr 1:00pm.|4/27/18, the Signals are Good!!..One Winner, and one Loser_up_35.00(Not working for me..) I wish that the Owner of this Software provide the MonthlyTrading Login Code, Otherwise I will Buy It. I bought this Software last year, but ask for a Refund, now..It is Improved..I am Demoing it on Pepperstone.com Demo, may go "Live" Next Month..Thank You, to the Provider of this Software !!(always add a Trading Expiry Date..)
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The May login code for the 1000pip Climber System is below:


If you copy and paste the new code into the system, please make sure that there are no extra spaces are added to the beginning or end of the text. Do not enter the new code until 1 May

EVERY open chart will need to have the new code. As quick way to update the code on all the charts is to do the following.
1. Add the new code to a single chart.
2. Right click on the chart and select Template > Save Template
3. Save the new MT4 template as 1000PCS_Temp_May
4. This newly saved template will have the new code installed. You can then change the template for all the other charts to 1000PCS_Temp_May
Can I have the latest version of this software and the login code for this month of December? Anyone?
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We have coders here, so it simply be hacked right?