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$105 for nothing


Yesterday I got this email:

[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif]OKPAY - TWO bonuses waiting for you![/FONT]
<img border="0" height="35" width="125"> [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif] Dear Damir Pavic,

As far as you know, our company together with the partners represented $5 bonus promo action. This action started in September, 2010 and now the time has come for it to come to an end.

According to our information, you haven?t received your $5 bonus and verified your account so far. Please note, in case you do not open an account with OKPAY and confirm your personality until 31th, January, 2011, this money will be refunded.

Do not miss your chance to get to know OKPAY service and see how it works with bonus $5!

For getting $5 bonus, just open an account and while registering, use e-mail address you received this message to.

Click here to register:

Time for a new and more attractive bonus program!

Have you ever wanted to trade forex like a professional? And even more than this: have you ever considered joining an EU-regulated forex broker with excellent trading conditions, commissions and bonuses?

OKPAY and United World Capital Ltd have launched a joint promotion that you will surely love: a free account with , a trading account at with $100 bonus on it and a free .

Can you imagine anything more profitable than this? You open a trading account and you already have $100 in it! And on top of this, you will receive a UWC Quick Card completely free of charge and delivered to your door. The UWC Quick Card is a registered MasterCard, which you can use in over 100 countries for fast withdrawals and with no risk of overdraft. You can even use it to withdraw money with it from your OKPAY account!

What you need to do for this is simple: sign up with first. As soon as you have done this, you will receive an email from OKPAY with a link inside and a coupon code. Click on the link to sign up with United World Capital, and remember to use your coupon code at a later step. Get verified to open a trading account with United World Capital. After you get verified, enter your coupon code in the necessary field on the Deposit page of the Secure Client Site, and the $100 bonus will be instantly deposited into your trading account. After this you can apply immediately for the UWC Quick Card, until 31 January 2011 completely free of charge.

The $100 bonus is not withdrawable but you can withdraw your profit after you have traded minimum 5 lots. Ready to trade forex and withdraw your profit to your own UWC Quick Card? Start the New Year with a good financial decision and success is guaranteed!

Yours sincerely,
OKPAY Inc. Team

United World Capital Ltd is a broker. As a regulated CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm), authorized by FSA (Financial Services Authority, UK) and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), the company operates according to MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), a European Union law that provides strict regulation for investment services in 27 EU member states. Thanks to our regulatory environment, your deposits are guaranteed up to 20,000 Euros per account.
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OKPAY? is a registered trademark of OKPAY, Inc.


Compliments for the new thread

Compliments for the new thread

In my post isn't any of my affiliate links.
My question is: is it advertising?
Though, it does not matter in what thread some post is.
I just wanna say that I do it all what they ask but till today I didn't get answer from UWC are my documents approved?


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strmac, your post is totally fine. You have no affiliate links and your information may help members get the free $100.
So, thank you for the info.


To me UWC is not really a good broker, their support is poor, they will not give you reason why they did not approved your submitted documents.If I were you guys don't waste your time with this broker,their are lots of bad review at FPA. :)

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