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10PipsPro Forex Robot


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10PipsPro Developer:
10PipsPro Ltd.

10PipsPro Summary:
This is a multi-currency trading robot adjusted to trade at hours where the risk is lower..

Since we were not bound to any money-loosing account (demo account) we just tested it with several pairs and several settings to get very good results after these 3 months specially with the USD/JPY pair.

So we gave this robot a live account in the third contest (Dec08-Feb09) in which it arrived in second place.

10PipsPro Setup:
- The setup is extremely easy, there are not so many parameters

10PipsPro Pros:
- Easy setup
- Trades at low-risk hours

10PipsPro Cons:
- If you wish to change settings (unlikely) you should wait until the next day to avoid that the robot will make a second trade: it trades each pair only once a day

I tried this a few months ago. It is now tagged "Do not Use" in my EA's archive. It was dangerous to go in this folder. If you try it, please use on demo for a while and maybe you might have some better luck than I did.

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