[1996-2012] Michael S Jenkins eBooks [Stock Market]


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The Jenkins Secret Angle is a proprietary tool, developed by Michael Jenkins from Stock Cycles.
You can only add it to a software as an indicator. Anyway you must understand Gann's work .

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Why opening a new thread when we already started the discussion here? afterall i believe we have one goal and that is to get this book.

i have this book already but it is locked in a rar file with pass which i dont have. I gave the rar file to a member here who says he can crack it and its has not replied to my PM's nor emails, so i thought its only logical to reply to a thread he already subscribed to.


i propose that you open a new thread to discuss such questions so that the eBooks section will be "clean".



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I can unlock rar files, happy to give it a shot.


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m4ni4c, please send e-mail to me: XXXX.com; I have a .rar for your help
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OK, I can't use PM now, so m4ni4c, please send PM me and please give me your contact e-mail address; I have a .rar asking for your help. Thanks!


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This is Michael Jenkins Private Book. May be charts book of his one to one private seminar. One can get hold of the concept if he has thorough understanding of Jenkins work and Gann



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Jenkins Material

Jenkins Material

Hi everyone,

Jenkins material, as is material of many others with similar methods, is hardly useful in trading.

While reading the book lots of things look great and make sense, on carefully selected charts, but as one subscribes to his daily hotline and/or daily e-mail service - everything becomes clear within a few months. You guessed correctly - I used to be a customer of his, but after a while, even though there is a good call here and there, most of the calls are 50/50 at best. I remember there was a span of a few months where every time Jenkins said he expects the next day to be strong up or strong down - Market did exact opposite at least 10 times in a row.

And as far as actual methods which he teaches go - those are even more problematic. The problem is that over the years Jenkins developed so many different methods that there is always at least one method that can be applied to every possible outcome, in hindsight of course. Between calendar days, market days, square root of that coupled with square of this, and than we have sinus, cosinus and tandem, and all this before we even get in to fractions and partials, then add Astrology in to the mix and Cycles - you get the idea.

Yes, some of the stuff is very interesting, but as far as trading goes - these methods can not be executed again and again because they can not be quantified. A trader can only consistently pull the trigger on a trade if his method has long term positive expectation, otherwise it is nothing more than gambling.



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Getting the secon part of Secret Angle Method

Getting the secon part of Secret Angle Method

[2009] Michael Jenkins - Secret Angle Method
I can download the first part of Secret Angle Method but not the second one. Can anybody help me about the second part?


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Michael Jenkins - Secret Angle Method

Michael Jenkins - Secret Angle Method

Any generous member here please reupload the Michael Jenkins - Secret Angle Method. It will be of much help to us. Thank you.



can somebody please re upload squaring the range trading system. as at my end earlier links are not working.
help appreciated.



Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles, the Gann Method Vol I and II if anyone to share:



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This video is now showing private..how can i get access..owner needs grant access...would please kindly do it.


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i have this vid that i found... i can share... but can anyone share Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles, the Gann Method Vol I and II