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The 2%dailyEA by Richard Swaby is blacklisted .
It must not be shared but it can be discussed here.

I bought the EA and forward tested it with the recommended settings and on the recommended broker ( FinFX ECN account ).

The EA is not profitable.
On most brokers it loses money constantly, on FinFX-ECN demo account it was a little bit in profit for some time but then lost the profits and went into draw down.

The EA is useless and Richard Swaby promised to happily refund each customer within 60 days if the customer would provide trade statements which prove that the EA does not perform as advertised.

Swaby refused to give the refund although all conditions were met.

There is a court case on ForexPeaceArmy right now where Richard Swaby declined to justify his actions and soon the FPA will declare his product a SCAM to warn other traders and potential new victims.

On FPA you can find reviews about the 2%dailyEA, a thread in the Scam-Alerts-folder, a thread in the trading systems discussion folder
and the open Case against Swaby.

Swaby is not able to threaten FPA to remove the threads which expose him as he did in other forums including world-wide-invest-forum.

Beware of buying the 2%dailyEA .
BTW, he removed the money-back-guarantee after I began to expose him.
How come ?

Richard, I told you that you would refund me sooner or later.
You will not like the police knocking at your door, but it will happen.

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