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[2003-2005] Peter Amaral eBooks [Cycles, Trading]


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Peter Amaral - J M Hurst Cycle Trading Without the Rocket Math 2005

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Wouldn't you like to have a trading assistant that told you where the market was going and which side of the market you should be on?

Wouldn't it be even better if your trading assistant spoke clearly and directly and didn't always hedge his price and time forecasts? Wouldn't it be better still if he performed reliably in all markets and in all time frames exactly the same way?

We look for the hidden keystone of knowledge that makes the complex work of genius pioneers like W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliott and J.M. Hurst usable and reliable even if they never consciously intended it quite the same way. We believe that we have accomplished that with J.M. Hurst who established his place in trading history many years ago with his original work, The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing.

The full implementation of Hurst's work is not for the mathematically challenged (as we were). We got his book in 1982 and spent months getting through it so that we could do his Fourier and digital filters, and print his cycle charts onto a dot matrix printer complete with envelopes and inverse averages. It doesn't seem that long ago, but if you wanted to test with historical data then you needed a room full of Barrons and the WSJ.

Dot matrix printers were not fast. They were, however, like watching an eight inch wide charting ticker tape go through time. The more charts we watched while they were printing the more we began to notice a dynamic process going on that was much more powerful and so much easier to visualize than trying to keep track of dates, periodicities and the possibly contradictory effects of half a dozen different cycles. After a while, just by watching Hurst's special moving averages interact with each other, you could tell when price would stall or reverse on the dot matrix chart before it happened. And happen it did. Time after time after time.

J.M. Hurst revealed the essential elements of this kernel of knowledge that allows anybody with many of the commercial stock trading programs to make consistent and reliable price and time projections for stocks, stock indexes, forex, and futures in any time frame. You can accomplish the same results in Excel. So far as we know the actual steps to take to apply the price and time forecasting technique that we fully disclose in our ebook is not available from any other source, including Hurst's own original work.

The most surprising thing about our adaptation of Hurst's displaced moving average technique is that you don't have to spend any time doing tedious cycle analysis. Just click on a few bar highs or lows in the training software to get an idea of what periodicity is driving the trend and determine the best displaced moving average set with your eyeballs in the chart window. This becomes second nature after a few tries.

Some people can visualize spatial relationships better than others. If you're one of the lucky ones this can be like looking at a treasure map because the interaction of the displaced averages will form an unmistakable pattern. The key is not cycles but the cyclical symmetry displayed in the averages, and that becomes clear enough after short use.

This ebook has plenty of illustrated charts and shows you everything you need to know to apply our adaptation of J.M. Hurst's displaced moving average technique to consistently and reliably project price and time turning points in the financial markets. We consider this ebook a perfect complement to the Square of Nine techniques because each method provides unique price and time projections by completely independent methods.

Just like a good trading assistant our Hurst method will not get in the way of the technical analysis you do normally, or take away extra time to learn a complex method or interpret ambiguous results.


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Peter Amaral - Trading the Square of Nine With a Calculator and a Pencil 2003

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Product Description
We use the square of odd and even numbers to get not only the proof of market movements, but the cause." W.D. Gann.

The purpose of this work is to explain concisely and in detail simple mathematical and graphical techniques for applying WD Gann's Square of Nine to real world stock, stock option, and forex trading situations. The Square of Nine is not your usual method of technical analysis. It's like nothing you've ever seen. A completely unrelated technique that either confirms or contradicts your usual methods can be invaluable when making decisions. The Square of Nine is not the magic bullet, although it can seem like it at times. It is about as objective as it gets. Either price and time square or they don't.

So far as we know the totality of information in this ebook is not available from any other single source at any price.

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thanks a lot mate:D:D ,that's a great sharing,
and i would be very thankful if u kindly upload the third book (Using Fibonacci Ratios to Forecast Price and Time )
(of course if u have it)......:rolleyes:
waiting your reply......


Hi forex killer and everyone, here the third book.

Enjoy ! :)


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Product Description

Fibonacci ratios are core knowledge for the stock and commodities trader. The market's Rules of Grammar. Every swing is related in both price and time by certain Fibonacci ratios to what has happened before. If you do not know these important ratios, when to apply them, and from where and how to apply them you are competing against PhD's in the world's toughest job market with only a grammar school education. Whether you are heading for a payday or a pink slip may depend on what you do now.

Throw away your stock charting software if it does only Fibonacci retracements. Do it now, before you read another word because it's costing you opportunities and money. Fibonacci ratios are important because they are the natural law that seems to regulate all processes of decay and growth. Professional traders with the money to move the market know all the Fibonacci levels that are coming up in the current move. They know where other professionals will react, and they know where John Q Public will look for resistance and support. Shouldn't you know as much as the professionals know?

If your stock charting software does not allow you to see the growth patterns from Fibonacci retracements and expansion ratios it is placing harmful and unnecessary limits on your ability to analyze market movements and to trade well. Only a couple of the most expensive charting software packages can do Fibonacci Parallel Projections. None have the Focuser technique we show you in our ebook. Why accept somebody else's limitations on your ability to trade well?


If you paid $500 at a seminar to learn how to improve your trading with Fibonacci Parallel Projections you would leave feeling that you got your money's worth. Almost no charting software with less than three zeros in the price tag has this feature, and even some of them would require you to purchase expensive add-ons to get it.

Parallel Projections are probably the least known and yet are the most powerful Fibonacci technical analysis technique. This is especially true for time forecasts. We show you exactly how to do Parallel Projections in both price and time and even include free training software to flatten the learning curve on this power trading technique.


You cannot buy this knowledge anywhere else for any price. You have learned which Fibonacci ratios are important for each variation of the retracements, expansion and Parallel Projection techniques. You know from where to measure. You've clicked on every pivot and swing on your Fibonacci charts and now they look like a frenzied Christmas tree. How the heck can you know in advance which Fibonacci cluster is the most likely to actually produce support or resistance?

We include a simple and reliable technique that you can use to tell you which Fibonacci price clusters are going to become the most important. Very few people know this technique, and they are not talking about it. Even fewer will ever realize how incredibly powerful this simple technique can be. It's built into the training software and we explain how to use it in the ebook so that you can use it without the training software any time you want. Our lawyers tell us we should get a confidentiality agreement before giving up this secret.


You will become a Fibonacci technical analysis trading expert with what you get from our ebook, because:

* we show you exactly how to apply the three Fibonacci ratio techniques
* we show you the variations on each technique and how and where to apply them
* we show you which ratios are important for each trading technique
* we show you which pivot points and swings to measure from with each technique
* we show you a secret and amazing technique to know instantly which Fibonacci clusters will become important in the future



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Peter Amaral - J M Hurst Cycle Trading Without the Rocket Math 2005
Can somebody please re upload it as all links in post 1 are dead at my end.



Here are all 3 in one file. everything above is included right here in one easy file. We have been asked to bring everything to this site. Please everyone please learn to use this site to upload files. This should now be permanent for everyone. enjoy

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