[2004-2013] Currency Trader Magazine eBooks [Trading]



you can subscribe to the CT magazin for free:

You will get an email if the new issue is avallable.

I signed up for Free Subscription. Thanks

However I notice the same company has 2 other magazines. Are we trying for collections of them.

One of them Active Trader looks good but cost money. But the articles seem better than this free currency trader mag.

the other one is Managed Futures Trading which I did not look into.

I guess vladv promised a complete collection if he got a few missing ones and then disappeared. all talk no sharing. leaves us with a big job.

The one link gave a torrent location where missing currency trader mags can be picked up. I know nothing about torrent. if anyone here knows how to use torrent please help complete the collection. This is your opportunity to rise and shine and be a hero. pick them up off torrent and share them here.

Jeff Chen

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Currency Trader Magazine past issues

Currency Trader Magazine past issues

All past issues from 2004 to 2014 can be found at:

Magnet link:



can someone please upload the complete collection to InvestDownload.

I do not have them. maybe someone who already has the collection can do the upload.

you can put the files into winzip and specify 100 MB units and it will do the job automatically. I uploaded a 1.4 GB file to InvestDownload and it worked fine.

just put a dot com at the end of the name to get the site.

if you have questions please send me a personal message and I will do my best to help.

thanks for contributing. everyone needs to pitch in and help. thanks you.

Jeff Chen

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If you can't use a torrent client you can download the issues via cloud. Check this page