[2005] Brian Sklenka eBooks [Gann, Conference, Paris]


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other Brian James Sklenka books and records

other Brian James Sklenka books and records

Anyone has the followings, please share:

Brian James Sklenka - Astro Lessons (1 to 9 + Suplements) (wheelsinthesky.com)/

Brian James Sklenka - Bodhi, Lighthouse, Truckin (Videos 45 Mb) (wheelsinthesky.com)/

Brian James Sklenka - Cycle Hunter Book 1-4 (wheelsinthesky.com)/

Brian James Sklenka - Cycle Hunter Genoa (Videos 57 MB) (wheelsinthesky.com)/

Brian James Sklenka - Cycle Hunter Support (Videos 600 MB) (wheelsinthesky.com)/

Brian James Sklenka - Financial Astrology Course (wheelsinthesky.com)/

Brian James Sklenka - WITS Turbo Seminars (Audio 5 CDS, 260 MB) (wheelsinthesky.c


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welcome to the forum - all books from W.D. Gann, George Bayer and other Gann related stuff mentioned at Sklenka site were shared in the eBooks section of the forum already. ( )
So, use the "search button" and you will get these information.



All of Gann should be put up on Investdownload dot com and made easily available and permanent. It is ridiculous that postings in the past have lasted a month and then went dead. Now we pay the price of so much missing material that is so hard to find.

Please if you have most of the stuff just post it right here. just because you are missing 2 files does not relieve you of your duty to post all the rest of the material. Please start doing that right now. someone will then post what you are missing. that is the way we are suppose to work together. Investdownload is designed to have permanent storage so there will not be the need for constant new uploads.

Please cooperate and upload at least some of the Gann material for others. what you have is given to you to share. Please share.


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Can someone please re-upload the links in post ? They are both dead.

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Brian James Sklenka - Cycle Hunter Books. Try this


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Here are two of the requested Sklenka books:

Methods of W.D. Gann Conference

Six: The Proper Background