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[2008-2009] Joe Duarte eBooks [Market Timing, Futures, Options]


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Joe Duarte - Market Timing For Dummies

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Want to improve your market timing so you can send your investment returns soaring? Market Timing For Dummies takes the guesswork out of developing a trading strategy and provides all of the tools you need to forecast, prepare for, and take advantage of market trends and changes.

This authoritative guide is packed with expert advice on how to increase your profits and limit your risk. It helps you grasp the psychology behind market timing as you learn the basics of the method, analyze our finances, select the right software and equipment, and define your market trading style. You?ll get the hang of using technical analysis to identify trends and reversals, catch key turning points, and manage risk as you track general market trends, develop a feel for when a particular trend is vulnerable to change, and seize the moment! Discover how to:

Understand how Wall Street really works
Use a wide array of market-timing tools
Anticipate and prepare for trend shifts using technical analysis
Time the stock market with the seasons
Time with a feel for the pulse of the market
Execute successful timing trades
Time the stock, bond, foreign, and commodities markets

Yes! You can make money in any market, whether trends are rising, falling, or moving sideways. Let Market Timing For Dummies show you how.


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Joe Duarte - Futures and Options for Dummies 2006

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The days of buying and holding stocks and mutual funds for years are gone; nowadays, futures and option markets offer some of the best opportunities to make money trading in volatile times. But like all investments, high risk is involved, and in order to become a successful trader you must be prepared to work as a geopolitical analyst, a money manager, and an expert in all types of commodity markets.

Futures & Options For Dummies will show you how trading is done and how to survive and succeed in these ever-changing markets. Filled with nuts-and-bolts advice, you?ll soon discover how to manage the risks involved and reap the rewards of futures and options trading. This straightforward guide gives you the tools you need to understand:

Ins and outs of trading futures and options
How to analyze the markets and develop strategies
Interest-rate futures and speculating with currencies
How to stock up on indexes
The direction of commodity futures
Organizing your financial data and calculating your worth
Developing strategies now to avoid pain later
The execution of successful trades

Trading takes an iron-cast stomach and nerves of steel to perform, and this book features ways to keep yourself sane and secure. It also lists resourceful Web sites, commodity exchanges, books, newsletters, and magazines to assist in your trading endeavors. From technical analysis to finding a broker, Futures & Options For Dummies has all the information you need to capitalize on these markets!


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Explore single?stock futures, ETFs, and alternative energy futures Protect your assets and maximize your profits in this risky yet lucrative market Want to take advantage of the futures market? This plain?English guide gives you the surefire strategies you need to be a successful trader, with up?to?the?minute advice on the various types of futures, conducting research, finding a broker, entering and exiting positions, and minimizing your losses. You also get bearish and bullish strategies and tips for trading online. Discover how to: Understand trends in the global economy Use charting patterns and indicators Execute successful trades Set realistic goals Avoid common trading pitfalls Keep your downside risk under control


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Links all dead.. Please Renew. Thanks

Links all dead.. Please Renew. Thanks

Hello Bonnie 1234 and simon1 , Links trading for futures all dead.. Please Renew.. I need Joe Duarte Ebook for Study Futures..
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2008_Trading Futures For Dummies-For Dummies - Joe Duarte

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