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[2008] Carolyn Boroden eBooks [Fibonacci, Timing]


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Carolyn Boroden - Fibonacci Trading - How to Master the Time and Price Advantage

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Made famous by the Italian mathematician Leonardo De Pisa, the Fibonacci number series holds a Golden Ratio that is universally found in nature and used by architects, plastic surgeons, and many others to achieve ?perfect? aesthetic proportions. Now, in this groundbreaking guide, noted technical trading advisor Carolyn Boroden shows you how Fibonacci pattern studies can be used as an extremely effective method for achieving greater profitability in stocks, futures, and Forex markets.

Fibonacci Trading provides a one-stop resource of reliable tools and clear explanations for both identifying and taking advantage of the trade setups naturally occurring in the markets that will enable you to reach the highest rate of profitable trades. Inside, you'll find a unique trading methodology based on Fibonacci ratios, and the author's personal experience analyzing and setting up the markets in real time, which makes this practical volume invaluable to the self-directed investor.

Complete with detailed charts and insightful graphics in each chapter, Fibonacci Trading features:

Dependable guidance for determining important support and resistance levels, along with expert advice for using them to maximize profits and limit losses
Step-by-step processes for using Fibonacci analysis to predict turning points in the market far enough in advance to generate substantial profit
Valuable tips for using Fibonacci analysis to establish optimal stop-loss placement
Revealing coverage on how Fibonacci relationships can create a roadmap for the trader based on high percentage patterns

Fibonacci Trading also provides a four-step formula for applying the covered techniques in a highly effective approach. Flexible enough for all markets and trading styles, the formula helps you focus your newly developed knowledge and skill sets into a solid trading methodology, defined trading plan, successful trading mindset, and disciplined trading approach that stacks the odds for profit in your favor.

This hands-on guide is packed with a wealth of actual trading situations, setups, and scenarios that bring the four-step formula to life so you can immediately use it in the real world.


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Carolyn Boroden - Introduction to Fibonacci Price Clusters and Timing on the CBOT Mini-Sized Dow

Most traders have heard of using single Fibonacci price relationships to help define potential support and resistance points in a market. Many traders, however, are less familiar with the concept of "clustering" these price relationships to define high probability, relatively low risk trading setups.

For this trading strategy, a "setup" occurs when the analyst sees a coincidence of at least three Fibonacci price relationships that come together within a relatively tight range. This coincidence of price relationships will define a key price support or resistance zone for a potential trade entry. These Fibonacci projections will be made from "key" swing highs and lows obvious on the particular chart we are currently analyzing. The ratios used in this analysis are generally .382, 50, .618.786, 100, 1.272 and 1.618.

Once we identify one of these price "clusters", in order to increase our odds for success, we use a "trigger" as a filter to enter a trade against a particular Fibonacci price zone. Using a "trigger" raises your odds for success using this type of methodology.


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Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage
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