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[2013] Mark Minervini [Trading]

thank a lot prabhustc .... this was on my radar :) ... let me know if you need something , i recently got "technical analysis of multiple frames " by brian shannon .... will upload it soon :)
prabhustc;n421527 said:
Momentum Masters PDF -
thank you again for this book...i just purchased... think and trade like a champion by mark minervini , the kindle edition ... inox your email id, i will be happy to share the book.... happy investing
goukotegawa;n2333502 said:
any one got his new book?

purchased the kindle version last week , the insights are indeed freaking amazing This is a great book on trading growth stocks written by a Market Wizard with a proven track record of success. I highly recommend this book be in every stock trader’s library and belongs along side the other greatest stock trading books ever written...


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warreporinjudan;n2337132 said:
here is think and trade like a champion by mark minervini .password matrix_trader07
Seems like there is a problem as am unable to download the attached file. Can you reup ?


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thanks so much for the uploads. been looking for these 2 books for a really long time. the "wizard" book is quite common but the other 2... man oh man its like a needle in 10 haystacks.. hehe. for those who find it a hassle to key in the password for the "champ" book. print to pdf using chrome or edge and u don't have to key in the password after. cheers to the uploaders. u have truly made my day. thank you


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those that are still looking for the books

are now on libgen
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