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3000 pips weekly


what is rule for this indi? open long when all 5 trend signals show long? what is your autotimer setting? 1H, 4H, Daily or weekly?


Hi ongtengsin,
Thanks for help can u PM your Skype pls. I want to take your help about basket trading also all setup of this method. pls help.
Well.. I'm still in the discovering stage. Not really master this expert. But, I understood the some of the rules in this expert.

Condition of buy :
-BTS LONG (follow signal)
-CORE5 LONG (follow signal)
-4 green dots move upward.
-3 column of blue colour (EURJPY) in BUY SIMULATION IA must also move upward and the total profit should start showing green pips NOT red pips.

Condition of Sell:
Just a reverse of condition buy.

*This system only works in a trending market NOT for ranging market. One day can generate enormous green pips also can cause u loss a large amount of pips.
I think you should read this pdf first for better understanding of basket trading. It is all about the separation of oil and water. Once you understand the concept, you will easily figure out.

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