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4 hour trading for 5 pips


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I am going to share with you a system for making 5 pips a time on the 4 hour charts ,

first of all you need t see a move of 15 pips from the open of the 4 hour candle ,

as soon as t price moves 15 pips enter for 5 pips , the stop loss is at the hour open 15 pips away ,

make sure you close your trade by the end of the 4hour candle ,trading times are 7 am and 11 am 4 hour candles don't take an entry after 3 pm uk time you should be done by 3 pm

look for 15 pips a day and be done ,if you get stopped out for -15 close all trading for that day ,

believe me all you need is 15 pips a week to be successful ,that's 60% a month

starting with just £100 you ca make 15 per week and £60 per month , compound this over a year your on to 112,000

now say you only made 5 pips a week that's still 20% a month not bad going

I am talking abut using 0.1 lo for very £100 in your account ,

you can do it use pairs EU GU and AU

good luck

this is momentum trading
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