50% Bonus at Hot Forex + Monthly Rebate


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Are you tired of brokers that take your money week in and week out - win or loose? Well, the hottest new broker out there is changing the way people trader FOREX. HotForex.com is offering 50% bonuses on all deposits currently - credited immediately and available in your account to trade with. .... A great way to increase your leverage!!!

Additionally, as an IB for HotForex, we can pay you to trade at Hot Forex !!!! That's right, if you sign up with a live account through our link below and send us an email or PM letting us know, we will rebate half of what we earn on your account to you EVERY month for as long as you keep the account active.

No catch, follow these simple steps to improve your cashflow every month....

1) Sign up for a live account using link below
2) Send us an email to let us know your email address and HotForex Acct # at admin@networktrader.com
3) Fund your account at HotForex and get your 50% bonus credited to your account instantly
4) Trade with Hotforex.com using the best technology in the industry.
5) Get your cash rebate from us the following month.

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