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Accuracy of Robots Testing???



Before I start this topic would like to apologize about my English, it's not perfect and I don't want hire any editor, would like to write my self...
I would like to start this thread about most important subject in Forex Automated Systems. There is hundreds of robots on market, everybody showing incredible results with back test performance, question???
How I can be sure and confidence in back testing? Can I trust it? Is it accurate?
I have lots of experience in Forex Automated Systems. When I create my first robot and it shows me incredible result, I was shock, exited, thinking wow, I will start making hundred of thousands dollars. I connected to my real account and realize that after one month statement on my real account and performance on tester are different...I would like to make story short. It took eight month to find out and resolve the problem. If you don't have Tick Data uploaded to your MT4, you will have WRONG RESULTS...for example: there is up to 200 - one minute candle gaps each month and I am not talking about big gaps...I purchased most popular Expert Advisers selling on market with only one reason, run them on my tester and proof to their owners that result they show - WRONG...I do not want to blame them, but would like to warn any one who want to buy or create automated software that biggest issue they will have - ACCURATE BACK TESTING...

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