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I have a system for the Forex market , 4 hour time frame, it uses emas and ema levels ,

when the blue is above the yellow we buy only

when the blue under the yellow we sell only

i use 3 pairs for this EU GU AU

that's enough , just 3 pairs

basically you take trades 1 to 5 phases

so we enter if the blue is above the yelow for instance , enter at top white then middle blue then bottom white then magenta then yellow

only take a loss if the open and close are past the yellow line ema ,

template below

hope its clear

good trading to all

James Agnew


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forgot to mention that if the price goes to phase 5 level that's yellow ema , then you close the trades at 4 3 2 1 and keep the yellow entry running , all the way for 400 target close half then run to 800 final target,

if you want you can breakeven at 200 pips

and only exit for targets or the blue cross past yellow

targets are 400 and 800 close half at 400 then break even ,


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Have a look at this ,

this system is more like investing


400 then 370 = 770 pips

see attached below


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Here is what i mean by the 5 phase entry ,

moves up past the yellow comes back hits the top white enter next blue enter, next white enter , magenta enter , yellow enter

hold the yellow trade all the way for 400 pips then 800

if you want break even at 200

sometimes it hits the white top and just takes off

using the 5 phase entrys you catch the move at the bottom closing out other trades as it hits them ,

we dont know what price will do so we can only go with the flow



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I attached my trade i took for 3 pairs , im long AU GU EU , all phase 3 entry

could have taken phase 1 and 2 but this is new to the market my own development ,

it missed phase 4 by 2 pips lol

but i am haooy with my pnhnase 3 entrys holding them for the targets and BE 200 pips


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I have a better idea ,

you can close all the trades phase 1 -5 if hit at 200 pips form the yellow ema

this all adds up

if you have a $100 account

then you want to use 0.01 lots X 5 , for each entry phase 1 to 5 and close them all out at 200 pips from the yellow line so in total its 0.05 lots x 200 pips but its basket trading closing the trades at 200 from the yellow gives a lot more than 200

its like 0.001 x 90 0.001 x 120 0.001 x 140 0.001 x 160 0.001 x 200 =

0.001 at 610 pips in total at 0.001 lots is £61 in a £100 account thats 60 % growth

very well


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200 pips target from the blue yellow cross junction measure 200 pips north or south and take the first pullback up to 5 phases and close them all at 200 then wait for the next cross before re entering

the market wants you to trade higher , i mean at a higher level then it tanks on you

taking the first cross entry will stop u from over trading and will get you into a better position ,

if you enter at the higher level your risking your capital

just try your best

james agnew


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what dont i care about ?

how far the trade goes , as long as i make money with the 200 pips x 0.005 lots i make from each level about 600 pips or so


you ask anyone who makes 60% returns it may take 1 month or 2 weeks depends on the price action

you are free to trde other pairs but i prefer AU GU EU

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