(ask) AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA

They recommend to run it on FXCM though I did not have a profitable trade during the last two weeks (yeah, i bought the old hacked version of some skamy website)


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1) Any broker, except few clients in special group list (cannot disclose group name) will experience Price Shading In The Forex Markets. (regardless of ECN, STP or NDD).
2) MT4 show only Bid price (not Ask) and Broker wide spread mostly in Ask price. Which ultimately effect your Buy open and Sell order close price.
3) MT4 tick data (where you perform backtest or strategy test) is run only on Bid price (which is very nice and clean) NOT Ask price (which is hidden from all of us).
4) No EA will make your account profitable because Real Market Provide Positive and Negative Slippages.
5) Strategy Tester Order Execute on Bid Price Regardless of SELL or BUY :D ;) (did anyone notice?)

Which Broker is Bad?
1) SL Guarantee, TP Guarantee
2) Fix Spread
3) Only Negative Slippage and less positive slippage on every SL or TP.

Which Broker is Good?
1) Low commission
2) Tight spread
3) Dark Pool of Liquidity (No Interference of broker and let your order execute on Market price, NOT BROKER PRICE).

Secret tips:
> You can ask your broker to provide you positive and Negative Slippage
> If your broker execute order on Market price (not own price), Broker will never step back to provide you with order receipt on request.
> Always Monitor Ask price and have EA to download quote price in Excel sheet.

Successful Strategy
1) Price action
2) Wave Analysis
3) High/low OR Key Support/ Key Resistance
4) BreakOut

The AlgoTrade EA is also running based on Key Support and Key Resistance strategy. If you could please check it carefully by Running strategy tester (demo). You will always find this EA placing an order at High and Low level with very tight SL and High Profit along with Trailing stop.

Hope you found this information helpful!