(ask) AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA

where is this ea can you share here?
Forex EA HighLow (expert advisors) on channel breakdown for MT4
If you want to test this expert,
That send me demo-account number, the password from it a demo-account and the name broker.
Then I will send you a demo with restriction in 30 days.
This is same like algotradesoft, This is a real version so you can use it on your real account only to pair EURUSD M30

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I can see it is using the bulid in normal MT4 Zig Zag indicator pre setting at 17,14,10 for its LOW support(SELL STOP pending order) and HIGH resistance(BUY STOP pending order).Also there is no TakeProfit set since it is trailing tight Stop Loss as fast as broker provided trailing stop normally trailing will activated at pre set at 1.5 pips trailing or below for good broker(which can be checked by live chat or put a pending order then check it on the live pending order on MT 4 broker platform).Also there is a a 50% mechanism for Zig Zag indicator High Low latest price to set that pending order acoordingly and deleted the pending order again if the trend continue upward or downward with its pending order adding capability.Overall it is a nice Trailing Stop EA with NO Take Profit preset pending orders according to the Zig Zag Indicator 17,14,10 setting( of course the signal trigger according to Time frame attached).......Does anybody try to educate this here at least there some good sharing spirit or somebody could code it ..if possible.Thanks:rolleyes: