(ask) AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA

Dyndamarj3;n403014 said:
I have both the WESTERNPIPS and the ARBITRAGE EA.
I have been stopped out from 13 brokers now.
Please inform me of brokers who allow HFT robots if you know some

Which 13 brokers denied your HFT Trading ? if you share us then it would be very pleasure for us.
nesta;n2336682 said:
nesta the guy that touch you and make you rich, i test it with alot of diferent seting but canot get good result. still try all te day with him with the bot but no lucky atm, at eurusd good result on usdjpy but with too much loss
Hi guys ! I'm new here and first of all i would like to say thank you for this great forum . I know this EA, maybe my preset file help you
. Also, i have an Scalp strategy developed by me and i wanted to know if someone can recommend a good Broker for scalping . I was using Pepperstone in the past but them execution isn't too good even using a VPS to get low ping . I'm thinking to try ICMarkets , anyone is trading there ? My scalping can make good pips, but with slow execution and big slippage the performance should be bad , like AlgoTrade. The average pips per position is 3 , short SL as well . I tried many Brokers in the past and i made some money, but due to some problems in my life i has been away from the market for the last 2 years and i'm backing to trade now. I appreciate any recommendation . Thank you !


Hey everyone, i just found a new setting after playing around with this ea. here is the login of my new demo to let everyone see how the new settings fairs along.

Login: 2104544
Investor PW: qve7qkk
server: demo.globalprime.com.au