any one know or having this please share the info at least

This is a very old indicator and the websight is old also. If you type in uniqueforexindicators into search box , you will find threads on this indicator that go all the way back to 2012. I remember that there were a lot of accusations that the websight was a scam and that the indicators were overpriced and that the back-test that you see of the EA does not line up with real time performance and ect. I also remember that the indicator is basically a renamed XO indicator . Here is one of those threads but there are more or was more at the time.
This indicator brings back memories for me because it was around about the same time that I joined this forum and started trading forex back in the day and was one of the very first indicators that I ever downloaded and used . And I remember coming across that U-F-I websight and saying to my self -- Damn any indicator that cost this much must be the holly grail, I got to figure out a way to buy this right now !!!! --- Ha Ha , I have grown so much since then:rolleyes: