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Hi guys,

It might not be relevant section of forum for this post, so admin kindly move to relevant if i am wrong.

I am looking for some asrology software which i can use to calculate aspects of planets selected and then be able to export to Excel. i have use SE_Aspectrain but i could not match the aspects produced by software from online source.

If anyone can point to be to reliable software with which i could achieve this.



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Don't bother, the software wont work without a user name and password . Has been posted elsewhere but it wont work.


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All versions of the Market Analyst and the latest version (Optuma) form this developer request a connection the server of the company.

This is the reason why all "cracks" failed. Ifyou want to use it: Buy it.



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well for what i was looking for i found GERMES. this works fine for my needs. you can buy this and its good software.
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