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AutoPipsProfits + AutopipsSniper + Mean Machine


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I though that I should contribute to something here...

The company WARNING: This Page WILL Be Taken Down VERY Soon...( are promoting (read "hype") a signal service which is called AiutoPipsProfits, which actually consists of two separate ones - AutoPipsProfits and AutoPipsSniper. They charge you monthly for this service, and uses for this, which is the company that should be avoided when buying things on the net, since it's impossible to get any money refunded (contrary to ClickBank), due to the fact that they let the selling company resolve any disputes.

The latter one (AutoPipsSniper) shows very poor result and makes few orders. The latest one with a huge loss. AutoPipsProfit on the other hand, seem so far to give mainly profitable orders. Unfortunately they are not EA's as such, since they depend on receiving signals from an external server. So it's not meaningful to make them available here.

The third program is on the other hand an EA, which is called Mean Machine or Money Machine. I have tested it both on StrategyTester and running it on two separate demo-accounts, and it shows extremely bad results. Anyway, if anyone is interested to take a closer look at it, I have uploaded a zip file with all files to the site below. The file MoneyMachineEA+.mq4 is a decompiled and "educated" version of the original MoneyMachine, where I have removed the activation (no need for the dll-file or activation of any kind).


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