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I am sharing this EA, it is a mix of some strategies discovered here with my own strategy. I am giving back now what I have learned.

It trades the 1M chart on EURUSD, USDJPY and EURJPY but can be profitable on other pairs if the spread is good.

Attached backtests, I hope to hear some feedback and mostly looking for a suitable broker.


There will be further development on this strategy and the mql4 will be made available soon.


Hi, thanks for sharing. I'm trying to backtest with tick data and accurate variable spread - no results. Any ideas? My other EAs work OK so it's not my setup...

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Expectancy is very very low .... in Real account slippage will kill it.
although the EA shows promise for the past year with a tick backtest I agree somewhat with the comment below I think execution time or the slightest slippage could impact the EA greatly, I tested with real slippage and found EURUSD and USDJPY to be profitable but not EURJPY. Hope that helps, and thanks again for sharing.
Banana Pips v1.22 - Enabled settings

Banana Pips v1.22 - Enabled settings

Hi guys, I agree with you that slippage is the issue here, I am constantly trying to get around it, please have a look at this version much more improved.

I am only trying to collaborate and get ideas from the community to make this strategy work for real.

I have enabled the magic numbers


Thanks Trevone, that version seems to tick backtest with better results on the EURUSD, will carry on testing and observing for you...
Excellent idea, pity is not working in live with these values(stop loss/take profit), try to modify the (r: r) and tells us something. Good job.
If you use a fixed spread of 20 points on EURUSD or use a 15 dollar commission charge on real spread, and apply a average slippage of 5 to 10 points, using Tick Data Suite, the tester still give you positive result, then in live trading, it may give you profit. Otherwise, don't wast time on testing using demo.
Hi trevone,
thanks for sharing
Question: Is OrderCommission() factored in during the profit calculation?
If not, could you add that?
the only method of taking profit is using a trailing stop, i dont see how you can take commission into consideration, i have thought much about this and any insight would be helpful
mechanical trailing stop which requires a lot of modification of orders to close trade is not a good exit strategy. Delay of modification of orders by the broker server and/or slippage of executing stop orders will make the real trading result significantly different from tester. Try use indicator to point the exit.