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Which broker do you use? You have to use 2 platforms on the same account. first with ''trade manager: primary'' second with trade manager: secondary. You have to use in good vps and in best broker


i did'nt use yet this ea since i dont know how to use this ea i have account icmarkets wich is now running another ea. What is trade manager primary and secondary there is a two ea or two set file? What is purpose must have run two terminal?
I do not recommend using this EA on ic market, because this is hft And you may experience huge slippage on all trade, You can try it with my set file i have Published. Trade manager is the first EA setting and you can change in primary and secondary. 2 terminals improve position management. in this thread you can try detail for utility. Recommended latency >3ms
yes Because I have withdraw my 116 euros. Later I deposited 1000 on tradeview market. Now I withdraw from tradeview because they think i use arbitrage . now i have deposit in lmax exchange and Soon I started testing in them


How is going with Lmax? Now I'm trying on demo my demo is not good for now. there is a which difference between demo and live? I heard on live is better than demo for this ea


my lmax not making money, maybe settings problem, or i am using latency 10 ms for both primary and secondary


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no they are not a scam. you are an idiot.
Serious You are a clever scientist. Can you please show your live demo and your actual account? You can even know that you will not get any profit, even with a 99.90% bt, and it's very clear. Because brokers usually call you capital to execute the robots to make them apifix. And you're new and you should test more. Einstein