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Best news straddle ea!



Hello Guys,

Would someone share here the Best news straddle EA..

I am looking for the best. If possible the one that adjusts pending orders seconds before markets big move. So if there is very less movement the EA should keep adjusting the orders till seconds before the market volume happens.

Please help me..

Thanks before your help!

The news EA in this kit does what you are looking for..but it is a semi-auto ea. The link is actually to a post I have in the Straddle Pro thread.

I thought I would post the Po' Boys version of Straddle Trader here. I believe it will help some of us to get on the news trading train..Enjoy.

Actually quite a few EA's in this kit, so I hope you can use these also..:D
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New member
has anyone this working now?
orders are not placed for me

2012.09.11 13:14:24 d-NewsTrader_edu AUDUSD,M1: initialized
2012.09.11 13:14:24 d-NewsTrader_edu AUDUSD,M1 inputs: _Parameters_Trade="----- Trade Parameters ----"; Lots=0.1; StopLoss=15; TakeProfit=28; SetOrdersTime="12:15"; DeletePendingOrdsTime="22:30"; ClosePositionsTime="22:30"; DistanceFromMarketPrice=10; DeleteOpositPending=true; UseTrailing=true; ProfitTrailingOnly=true; TrailingStop=25; TrailingStep=5; Slippage=3; _Parameters_Expert="----- Ï?ð?ìåòð? ñ??åòí???"; UseSound=true; SoundFileName="expert.wav"; clOpenBuy=(173,216,230); clOpenSell=(240,128,128); clModifyBuy=(0,255,25
2012.09.11 13:14:24 d-NewsTrader_edu AUDUSD,M1: uninit reason 5
2012.09.11 13:14:24 d-NewsTrader_edu AUDUSD,M1: deinitialized

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