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Binary Options Market Overview

Philip Moore

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Hi all. I have started putting together a quick market roundup for binary options which is published here -

This will be expanded in the coming days with additional 'ad hoc' analysis of different assets that might be traded as positions develop.

I hope that you may find this resource of use. :)


THANKS, Philip !!!

Have been looking at BOT on and off for the past couple of months, but turned away each time as I did not like the aggressiveness of the brokers that carry it.

Will follow what you post, thanks again !!


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Stay far away from binary options systems and whatever they want you to use.
It is all scam.
Why ?
Look at the payout structure : If you win, you win 70 %. If you loose, you loose 100 %. This means that per bet, both player A and B insert for example $100. So, there is $200 on the table. Whatever the outcome, the bank takes $30.
this is insane.
As long as the cost for a binary bet is no more than a few dollars, comparable to the commission for participating in the futures market, you should stay away from this scam market.
This is also the reason, why binary brokers operate so aggressively. There is a lot of money for them at stake.
For you, as a trader, you must have a very high positive success rate, in order to overcome this disadvantage.
It's almost impossible.


On top of that so far I have not met a single trader that got paid his winnings when he requested them............and I have a HUGE amount of friends in the 6 years that I am a trader.

A few are testing the Binary Options Buddy.
Seems to help a bit, BUT............if one does not get paid out the profits made, it stays a waste of time and energy....and money !!!
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