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Binary Reaper - commercial indicator switch without

Most traders want to have such an indicator, which makes it possible to trade both on small timeframes, and
on the daily timeframes. After all, with such an indicator for each trader will be found the golden mean.
Today we will talk about such a universal indicator as the Binary Reaper, which is suitable for scalping and for
long-term trade. this is a commercial indicator, which at different times was sold for different amounts from $ 690, to $ 99.
Immediately, I note that the indicator without redrawing, which can be of interest to many.

Indicator Binary Reaper - trade rules

Trading Hours: Any
Assets: Any
Expiration: at the end of the next candle after the signal
Timeframe: from M5 and higher

Indicator Binary Reaper - opening positions

Looks like an indicator in the form of arrows. Green arrow on purchase, red for sale. The very principle of work is based on this
classic indicator as Aroon, with a period of 70 and with a filter of 50. There are all the possibilities of the alerts available in MT4 on
output signal. The position opens on the current signal candle (do not wait for its closing) with expiration to the end of the next

Some features

Signals from the indicator do not come out so often, so it is recommended to use more instruments. The best thing
Work out signals on timeframes from M30 and higher. Naturally, you should not react to signals when events occur in
economic calendar. It is better to wait out such moments.



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