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Runs on EURUSD M15 only.

Please don't expect it to trade very often. The back test resulted in approximately 257 trades over 2 years.

It's not unusual for this expert to cease trading for 2 weeks or more because it is waiting for high probability trading conditions. That said, there are ways to increase the trade frequency but you will accept greater risk. You can decrease the volume limit and / or disregard the trend as options in Blackfeather.

WARNING: This expert does not use a Stop Loss! I know, I know ... as a programmer and 4x trader its almost a cardinal sin and I should know better. Unfortunately, no matter what I did, I couldn't compensate for the market movements around the 3rd candle pattern with one single SL value. In saying that, this expert is REALLY good at finding profitable trading conditions and, as you can see in the back tests above, won 100% of its trades over 2 years.

After struggling to optimize the SL values I realized that this system really benefits from a manual traders "feel" of how the market is moving "right now" and react accordingly. Anyhow, its free so .... have fun!

UPDATE 22-11-2010 (v1.3): I have fixed and upgraded Forex Blackfeather's profit target function. It now looks at the account equity and will close all orders and cease trading once the target is reached. I have removed the Profit_To_Disregard setting. You now need to set the From_Balance which tells Blackfeather from where in your balance the profit target should start from.






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