Can I change User Name for Log In


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I want to change my user name from "naikvijays" to nike" can it be possible....

Please reply...


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You can write to forum admin to ask if you can do it.
Also, you could just register another user name easily, right?


Well there is an example how a person can be serious about its image and the way he presented himself on the site. He even did not mind about spend time on such a serious research to change the nickname is that possible. Although perhaps the problem is that the original login name has been registered for a long time and people do not want to lose their representation in the forum? As I see , the administrator has helped and it speaks about itself and the quality of forum


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Admin can help in this situation or why u have to change your name?If you want then register another forum then your name what you want can easily write. Can i join you?


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Can I change User Name for Log In

Now Ive change my online name it may be a good idea to have a change name setting in user control panel for the forum but should be only verified by mods so no hacking of accounts could be done. Idk just a thought
An excellent request. I second the motion :- )

I have for several years regretted choosing "ForexNewbie.." as a username. At the time of joining it was just the first thing that came to mind. I have come a long way in my personal forex journey since then and often wondered if it would be possible to change it (but never acted).


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Can I change User Name for Log In

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