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Can you share Signal Providers that work with EA's


Hi, i'm currently looking for Signal Providers that work with EA's to set and forget our MT4.

I already know zulu, and rent a signal and similar websites.

But i'm looking for private websites like genial invest or something that can give accurate and profitable results on the long run. If they offer trial or cheap prices even better.

Please share with me your experience and let me know if you know something (you can always PM me)


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Hello Forex-Pt,
at that time Me and my Partner are developing together several EA?s .
The Systems (at that time there are 17 finished Systems (waiting to be coded by him, the first EA is almost ready) and there are nearly 18 Systems which have to be fully completed) ) that I have finally created have Profit Factors from 1,60 -656.
We are looking to offer the EA?s on my Website for rent-a-signal like service and if the clients are interested to rent the EA for a longer period (like 1 year or so) then my Partner offer the EA?s on his site, too.
If you are interested in our service please PM me.
I also offer Algorythm Cycles, which can predict the next Highs and Lows in any Market.
If you are interested in this I can send you some examples of the predictions from last year.
Hopefully my Website will go live in the next 1-3 months (first with the Algorythm Cycles and then with the EA?s-signals).
I would be glad to hear from you.


try these guys, cheap and very accurate - I am having a lot of success with them



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so many of you PM me.
here is more to your questions:

My website will offer ALGORHITHM -Cycles (that means I give you as a client the highs and lows of a specific time-period you can choose of (beginning at M30-Monthly;maybe the M15 will also be available,but that's not for sure right now; 5 examples are attached (1 example shows with red lines the turning points and the other 4 shows monthly predictions for highs=HOCHS and lows=TIEFS from last year ,please look below as attachment) ).

-all the highs and lows are only with " 1 " unit of time-tolerance not more!!!every high and low comes within this tolerance!!!and decisive is the highest
high and the lowest low.

-also note that these charts ends in the middle of 2010.So there is "NO FAKE" according to the "ALGORHITHM -CYCLES".

-the method can be used to predict "every" single M1-chart -Monthly-chart for "every" asset you like.

Also on my website are signals from the several EA's,which you can rent with 1 mouse-click for a limited time.
On my Partner's website you can rent the EA's for a specific time -period ( probably 1 year or maybe less).
At that time I cannot answer definitvely questions when both websites will be available.
It depends on when my Partner are ready with the EA's.
If somebody is interested in I can send him/her a mail by the time we will go "live" and then you can see if there is something for you on my website or my Partner's
website .

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