Candlestick Pattern Recognition (Needs EDU)


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Here's a great little indicator for recognizing candlestick patterns. Unfortunatly it needs Edu if someone can unlock it. It recognizes All these patterns:

Bearish candlestick patterns

Bearish Falling 3 Methods
Bearish Mat Hold
Harami Bearish Pattern
Harami Cross Bearish Pattern
Bearish Counter Attack Line
Bearish Breakaway
Advance Block
Abandoned Baby Top
3 Outside Down
3 Line Strike Down
3 Inside Down
2 Crows
Hanging Man
3 Black Crows
Shooting Star
Evening Star
Evening Doji Star
Dark Cloud Cover Bearish Pattern
Engulfing Bearish Pattern
Dragonfly Doji Bearish Pattern
Gravestone Doji Bearish Pattern

Bullish candlestick patterns

Harami Bullish Pattern
Harami Cross Bullish Pattern
Bullish Rising 3 Methods
Bullish Mat Hold
Bullish Counter Attack Line
Concealing Baby Swallow
Bullish Breakaway
Abandoned Baby Bottom
3 White Soldiers
3 Stars In The South
3 Outside Up
3 Line Strike Up
3 Inside Up
Hammer Bullish Pattern
Morning Star Bullish Pattern
Morning Doji Star Bullish Pattern
Piercing Line Bullish Pattern
Engulfing Bullish Pattern
Dragonfly Doji Bullish Pattern
Gravestone Doji Bullish Pattern


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Similar Indicator

Similar Indicator

I forgot where i got this indicator, but i think is similar to what you are looking for. Hope this helps. No need of EDU.


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The buyber indy looks useful can somebody give it a kick? It could substitute for the complicated NCS.
Thanks Hermes


Pattern_Recognition_Master_v7 Indie

Pattern_Recognition_Master_v7 Indie

These the LAST Pattern Recognition Master

A Lot BUG Fixed in this Version.
Add ALERT and MANUAL Pattern Signal can Setting which you want :cool:

The name PRM v 7 is CORRECT ! :eek:
Don't Ask me about Ver 4 ; Ver 5 or Ver 6 because still got many BUG.



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Attached some PDFs...for the people interested in Candlesticks....just to complete the thread :)....I found them on the net...maybe even in this another thread...


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Irrespective of Name & Type ....... (Candle is indicative of Status of ongoing Battle between the Bulls & the Bears)

The following things are important -

1) Colour indicates Candle's close with respect to the open, which is important ie Close above Open (Green) or Close below Open (Red) (Who Won The Battle of Bulls / Bears)

2) Size indicates the Range ( Wick to Wick ) ( Up to Which point the Bulls / Bears were able to pull the Price to with respect to the Previous Candles )

3) Shape indicates the Real Body (Open to Close) - ( Smaller Bodies indicated Loss of Control / Momentum by the Bulls / Bears in comparison to the Previous Candles )

4) Location - The Occurrence @ Support / Resistance ( The above 3 things occur every where on the chart, But is important Helpful in Decision making only when its Occurs at important Support / Resistance - Where we can analyse above 3 Things & check for High Probability Trade Setup )

Wish You Green Trades ahead :)


maybe you guys should try version 7, I have no clue where is v4, 5, or 6.

get it form FF


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cant able to dwonload any file

cant able to dwonload any file

can u plz upload these files again..
have a happy life.

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