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Name: A series of "Simple Advisor"
Download: prostoi sovetnik 1.mq4

Description: (Original by itself did not add)
For Sale: Price-less MA (preferably the ability to customize settings)
Peresekaetnulevuyu-MACD line from the top down (after closing the bar, it becomes an alarm) (desirable settings MACD)
-Sale with a minimum formed after breaking through the signal bar
StopLoss-placed for maximum signal bar (but not more than 60P)
-Take 100 pp (the settings do not interfere)
-Trailing Stop. Upon reaching profit +50 (preferably settings), stop to breakeven and beyond the usual trailing stop (with the settings to disable it)
-Closing the position. If the MACD crosses the zero line back
To buy a similar way.

-- ---------------------------
Name:History Info
Download: HistoryInfo_v1.mq4

Description:Indicator scans by starting at a specified date and sorts closed orders for currency pairs.
Thus, we can evaluate the effectiveness of an adviser or manual trading on specific instruments.
There is an opportunity to sample orders by Magik number, it gives the opportunity to track the effectiveness of
specific counselor, if this account several of them. You can also take a sample for a particular instrument.

Name: AlertLine
Download: AlertLineEn.mq4

Description:The indicator shows a messsage then the price crosses the lines, titled the "Support" and "Rezistans" on the chart.
To stop the alarm, move the line.

Name: SetStop
Download: SetStop.mq4

Description:Adviser puts stop loss and take profit at all positions of the current tool, if exposed to a value less than STOPLEVEL, the EA does not change the stop.
Only 2 variables:
stoploss = 50, / / level billing SL, if 0, then SL is not changed
takeprofit = 50, / / level billing TP, if 0, then TP is not changed

Name: ZIGZAG on fractals, without redrawing the values
Download: ZigzagFr_v1.mq4 (4.4 Kb)

Zigzag lines are built on fractals. The fractals can specified by user.
Number of fractals on the right and left is determined by the variable Fractal

Name: Multitimeframe indicators
Author: cmillion (2010.05.24 10:23)

It's very often there isn't enough time to check all chart timeframes and look for the best entry point, these indicators can be set in one window and not switching screens to see the whole picture together.

Name: 3 stochastics in one
Download: Stochastic3_v6.mq4

In the indicator is the ability to set any timeframe, due to this you can see the stochastics of all periods of time. Added alert when entering the zone marked -30 and 30. When choosing TF necessarily accurately define the time in minutes, simply enter the period you are interested in and the indicator will show the most suitable.
For example, typing indicator 1500 displays the weekly stochastics, and when you enter 55 - hour. The selected timeframe is shown in the upper left corner.
All of his work can be found here:



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  • HistoryInfo_v1.mq4
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  • ZigzagFr_v1.mq4
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  • Multi.Period.MA.mq4
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  • Multi.Period.RSI.mq4
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  • Multi.Period.Stochastic.mq4
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  • Stochastic3_v6.mq4
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