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Corona indicators


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hello....first of all thank you for the indicators...i now can see them on my screen,working properly and they make me feel that i am in the movie start trek...but really cannot understand how to use it possible for u to explain the usage of the indicators..??


hello! i put this indicator on eur/usd graph. but i don't understand how to use it. is it possible to have some istruction?


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Here is info about it,

All together the 4 indicators give you an overview of the pair in a specific time frame. In particular they tell you if the pair is in trend or not. If it's not in trend then it can be moving cyclically or not. So we can trade the pair in two ways... trend following or swing trading using the cycle period.

The first thing look at is the Signal to Noise indicator (CoronaSNR). If the indicator is below 6 and the indicator has a "corona" around then it means that the pair is trending. If the SNR is below 4 the trend is stronger.

It doesn't tell you in which direction the trend is but if there's a trend or not.

So we got two options: trading or "ranging".

In case of a ranging pair we look at the Trend Vigor indicator for a confirm. If the TV is between -2 and +2 then we got the confirm we needed to say that the pair is in cycle mode.

At this point we look at the Swing Position indicator and we sell on peaks and buy on valleys. Better if the Swing Position indicator hasn't got any corona (meaning a more clear cycle is in action). In this case you can also use the Cycle Period value to "manually" predict next peak/valley.

In case of SNR showing a trending pair, instead, we start to watch the direction of the Trend Vigor to understand in which direction the trend is going. Sometimes the TV tends to be a little "predictive" so you better wait for the Swing Position to show a change in trend before entering the trade. Another confirm comes from the SNR going below the 4 level.


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@altoronto Thank you for the exmplanation. But you didn't mention what the corona cycle period indi is supposed to indicate ?


o so it's not only my pc.i am use to my pc slowing down and will buy a new one in three weeks.I just hope my new pc can run these indicators though i will propably only use the one that filters ranging markets.
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