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CURRENCYSCALPER - about 2100 pips the last 3 weeks

I got email from CURRENCYSCALPER. Anybody cooperate with them?
Please check the results and let me know what do you think???
Server :
Login : 8161341
Investor : 8lwfwkl

This is demo account, there is not sl and tp.


Be very careful - these guys lost 1000USD of mine, the strategy is more like gambling. I'm sure that they occasionally have success, and they show the accounts where they make money - but at the same time loose lots of peoples deposits. :mad:


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These folks are not trustable at all. They lost all the money in my account.
Then Mark Bandetti (they use this made up name!) sent me mail that he fired
all the traders including the secretary!! This is just lies. These idiots are clueless.
They loose all your money and then ask for more. Dont go with them! Their track record is awful. They also have one more scam where they say they charge 30% of profits for trades with losses and 50% for trades with no losses. They proceed to do the same trades for both accounts!!!!


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These guys are morons. I recently got mail from them saying that they had
great performance. THey even gave me a MT4 link. Luckily, I found somone who said that they traded their account to almost nothing. Then the idiot
Mark stopped trading saying that "They are waiting for markets to turn
around"!!!!! Meanwhile they are going around saying they have excellent performance. Watch your money

Also found one more thing about them. They claim to have a "SKYPE" account called "currencyscalper". They claim that you can reach them on it.

One more fraud. I found that they state their is no minimum but my friend
showed me email where they said "We dont trade accounts for less than 5000" once they start losing money.


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