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Anyone have this Expert?

Share ....>>> :D

anyone have this EXPERT


pls share, it lokks like the the uber-mighty-holy-grail-super ea :):D:D
hi valuble members of my loving forum.,
i want to clarify you all one thing .there is no super holygrail EA sofar in forex historyand there wont be in future.because world situations wont be similar at any two time periods so price moving patterns change from one time period to another time period.thats why there wont be consistant EA .
next thing if EAs you are asking for is really good ones ,why they sell to public.they can make as fundmanagers and they can earn more .no one sell their dont be supersticious for new EAs.
it is a big subject how to profitable with my experince i gained some success with semi -auto mated EA takes position and i take care from there.some times i take position ORDERMANAGED EAs close my positions.i think this technique successfull with somany traders.
i can suggest you all who are eager for new EAs ,please put your concentration on what is price movement and how intrestrates or some other fundamental things effect the price price moves from one situation to another situation.
my first lesson to new traders is
there is only two sitautions for price
1.price moves in one direction[trend]
2.price dont moves in one direction[range]
now eurusd in range between 1.3900-1.4900

our famous forum experts will continue if some new comers ask these questions rather than ask for EAs
conclution:- iam not demoting you guys.iam telling my experince what i learnt from my 6 years carier

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