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(Req) Cycle indicator to locate peak and trough on two or three cycles of price


Cycle indicator to locate peak and trough on two or three cycles of price

Hi experts
Exploit price cycles .
I am looking for Hurst cycles for period 39 and period 8.
The indicator draws cycle of pricee close for 39 periods and another cycle for 8 periods.

Market turns up or down when both cycles come in sync to match on low or high pf the cycle.
SteveSwanson released 4 th dimension-perpetual income generator.
THis tracks cycles in price and when they come in hrmony at high or low together.
There was research on cycles in price in last 41 years and mostly it was a failure.
Recently steve succeeded using a special software which he developed for speach voice cycles.
Have a look.
There is MTP market turning point manual, which I wish to see if any one has it.



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Use the attached file in post from bb:




Thank you so much.
I found one hurst cycle indicator called gluck idx hurstcycle.

steve swanson himself declared that for financial instruments, 39 period cycle is best and it has to be in conjunction with 8 period and 21 period cycle.
the real low occurs when low of 39 cycle and low of 21 cycle fall in close proximity of 8 cycle of price.
steve himself said using 30ma andv 8ma ,we can do same thing without those cycles.

i am not, at this time, looking on planetary cycles.
decided to stick with steve swanson concepts of price cycles high lows or equivalent simple alternatives.

thanks again for the help
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BTC on Hurst Cycle Analysis :

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using Peak & Trough cycles (y)




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