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I'm having trouble with my damn paypal account.My credit card was removed and now i have to add a new one and then i have to wiat for the damn bill so that i can get the last four digits and it is not even my damn card.This will take weeks!!!

If anybody is intrested in getting this system for 10$ can you please share.I'm not asking you to buy it for me only share it should it intrest you.I have no problem spending 10$ for it but i can't.

So if this intrest you and you do decide to buy it please share.You will need to register and have a paypal account of your own plus with this website there will be nothing you cannot get.Here is the website



aw well it seems nobody is intrested.You should have a look at this website because if something costs 500$ you can get it for 10$.Having it in your arsenal is a very good thing.I quess i have to start the long complicated process of sorting out my paypal account.

Maybe at the end of the month when i get my credit card bill i can activate a new credit card.


i've got it!!But it seems there is a indicator missing.I know it is the correct system because the manaul is 99 pages.Here it is i'd make some time to read this because it should be utterly fascinating.Cannot wait to start!!

This is great

i am having diffuclty posting the rar file here is the donwload link



there are a number of good point and figure threads dotted around.

I have posted some training videos for point and figure at my site that almost certainly include this guys magic patterns ;)

I trade P&F almost exclusively, but rarely use the traditional patterns, except by coincidence.

(at the risk of being accused of the sin of promotion)

is a thread that ive started throwing out a few non-standard ideas of P&F charting that is based on the way i traded before P&F.. ie trading away from extremes (that fall at Supply/Demand) using the concepts of R->S and space as protection.
Mainly its cos I dont like breakout trading.. I always feel Im entering late with a massive stop... and these are the traders I was looking to zero and take their trades from, or stophunt to take trades at a better price.

Anyway good luck with the P&F charting, its a lot more powerful when not used as a breakout method but just as what the chart actually shows: ie Supply and Demand.


ps, I have just dl'd the ebook you posted (and thank you for posting it, I think I will add it to the library at II), and my initial thoughts were proved right about the patterns included. Still it was worth the $10 you paid for it, even if it didnt say anything new or do any actual analysis of its own ;)

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