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Dear Stovedude and Majjed please help this

Dear Stovedude and Majjed
I think you can help on this.

Attached EA is martingale type name profit season EA. Normally this EA will run Buy and Sell together.

Can you please add the solar Indicator as the filter- reference for 4H or Daily time frame. When Solar Indicator above Line 0. The EA will only open Buy. When Solar Indicator below line 0. It will only open sell.

If can between zero line let say +5 and -5 , don't allow new order


Dear Stovedude.

I run it this morning , and it working for 4h tf. and profit, but just ask ,my setting TP is 17, but the eA did not closed after TP reach.

From your view how it work. Thanks stovedude



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I mean did the actual trade have your 50 SL and 17 TP? Or did the SL and/or TP show 0 in your trade history?
i am confuse, if you have free time you can run the earlier EA without modified ea. just change

MinGap : 12

TP : 17

and maybe you can get the idea how the EA work. it work good with fxopen broker
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