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decision bar looks awesome.It looks like this guy knows what he is talking about i'm sure i will learn a lot from him.

I'm am christiaan and i am awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Hi christiaan,

Here is the doc and main indicator which is the most important indicator for this strategy. It's not the exact one asking $99 per month usage, but it shows the same support & resistance lines.

A close above or below the lines is where I would determine, breakout, breakdown & exhaustion bars. Perhaps someone can add these texts or arrows if that is required.



i've read the first 27 pages of the manual before i was interrupted and will now continue reading it tomorrow.I have thus far enjoyed it very much and i would suggest that some of the newbies here make the effort to do it as well.

The indicator posted can be very usefull in itself as it gives you clear support and resistance.But unlike those silly indicators that only draws lines which always draws dozens of lines of support and resistance not revelant anymore this one does a pretty good job.

A must read for most of you i should think.

I'm am christiaan and i'm awesomeeeeeee!!!!!
Risk osc

Risk osc

Could some one explain what the Risk osc is or how it works
I am not a coder, I just wanted to know what the indicator is doing
Something with a 5 sma ?

Thank you

int li_0 = IndicatorCounted() + 1;
if (li_0 < 0) return (-1);
int li_4 = Bars - li_0;
if (li_4 > BarsBack) li_4 = BarsBack;
while (li_4 > 0) {
gda_108[li_4] = DynamicTrendFnc(14, 7, li_4);
l_ima_8 = iMA(NULL, 0, 5, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_WEIGHTED, li_4);
g_ibuf_96[li_4] = l_ima_8 - gda_108[li_4];
if (g_ibuf_96[li_4] < 0.0) g_ibuf_100[li_4] = g_ibuf_96[li_4];
else {
if (g_ibuf_96[li_4] > 0.0) {
if (g_ibuf_96[li_4 + 1] < 0.0) g_ibuf_100[li_4] = g_ibuf_96[li_4];
else g_ibuf_100[li_4] = EMPTY_VALUE;

Here's the decision bar and risk osc indies. Along with a pdf of DB.


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Without completely delving into the DynamicTrendFnc() function, which uses some advanced mathematics, I see that it is subtracting that function's result from the 5 sma. In other words, hard to say without breaking the function down to the bare essentials.

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