Decoding The Book of Revelation

Hello. Which numerology system should be used for the Tunnel Thru the Air ? In Gann's recommended list there are various numerology system's i.e. Pythogoras , Chaldean, Hebrew , etc.etc. Thanks
Very intriguing! Yes, the Bible speaks in many metaphors, and it takes a wise and learned one (not me) to understand its true meaning!

The JFK analysis is also very intriguing! There is much information that can be gained from the study of the stars (astrology as opposed to astronomy). Isn't that how Nostradamus and those "prophets" of old told of the future so accurately?

All I can contribute to this conversation is a suggested reading for those interested. I recommend the Kolbrin Bible which contains English translations of ancient Celtic and Egyptian texts. I purchased a copy online for about AUD$50 - very interesting read indeed!

Please continue this topic!
Hallo gentlemen,
First, thank you for your interest in the Bible book of Revelation. If you seriously desire verse by verse explanation, get the book Revelation! Grand Climax At Hand published by Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not for sale. Second , i would like to inform you that astrology is against Bible teachings. Any attempt to link Jesus or other faithful Bible characters would be looking at the Bible from a wrong perspective. (Deuteronomy 18:10,12)