Decompile/ fix alert notifications

I have ex4 i tried to search for owner of this indicator but not found... I need to fix this notification that appear late after arrow dot.. If anyone can decompile mq4 or fix notifications with arrow same time that will be big help.. Plz help me if anyone can i dont waana harm anything i search for owner.. If anyone can fix this plz fix


If those dots appear on opening or closure of candles you can be a millionaire in couple of months with it, why do you need alert? if this works the way showing on the chart I am willing to sit behind the screen all day and trade based on that, I am sure I can make over 100 pips a day trading 1 lot per day to make $1000 bucks everyday so I will be a millionaire in couple of months...
I did not play forex i need for binary thats why entry point is important and watch 2 screen is difficult for me same time that's why.. I know why this program program work and what is logic behind this program when it will give signal... But i need alert with dot.. And very important for me... Yes we can make but need alert fast