decompile this great ea

Can anyone educate it and extract some more parameters like it's visible! big stop and TP and take position parameters
Please come all them to setting section
If improve the code for unvisible all type of TP and ST (VS and unvs !!) , that I think must be have some hard works but valuable
Add time parameters like open position and off in GMT and managing of the positions after restarting times if able to do it
Check if this EA has reading history code when testing or not
thanks lot !!
Ok I think I wrote insufficient information about line 3 of post . I meant ; make unvisible ; turn all visible TP and SLs to unvisible mode

It's useful for sum brokers like me ! that unfortunately fill the SLs and TPs of orders out of spot price level often !! even in news time

It occurred many times in my trading life for several brokers till now !