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Developing Price & Volume Technical Analysis skills


Hi All Mate

It's been a Long time with fellow mates I learned hell lot of things indicator strategies, skill set, Analysis skills!!!
So its time to return back as I was associated with this forum for more than 10 years.

Having said that I wish to start discussion and strategy for Technical Analysis which would in return increase our accuracy in trade execution, Entry, Stop Loss, where to Exit the trade
I would appreciate collective learning during our journey towards earning in a consistent way or Make a decent living out of the trading.

Those who will share there ideas or charts for making things explain would be appreciated.

Rules and what study we would be following will be updated in the coming session.

So best of luck, Lets Begin.



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I suggest to start from Wyckoff - Method of Tape Reading course,
Trading Systems and Methods by Perry J. Kaufman, H.Gartley
Profits in the Stock Market. This is the best technical
analysis books on my opinion. All can be found on Ebay.



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Hi mate a chart for your reference, kindly go through it and share your reviews on it.



Can you please let us know on the numbers that are displayed at the swings. How are you getting that number and significance of the number.

one to one coaching