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I was getting too many Off-Quotes Errors form one specefic order, open time 24/01/2018 until today.
So i decided to closed manually because the cant close because that Off-Quotes.
Surprise!, when i try to closed manually was not possible.

Contatced Live Chat Supporr and they told me this shit:

According to our information, your order was already closed on our liquidity aggregator, but was not close in MT4 terminal.
According to our information, it was closed by Take Profit price. Unfortunately, this situation may occur due to desync of MT4 terminal and our liquidity aggregator.

The problem is my EA was keep opening orders based in that order. So almost kill my acc.
A desync from MT4 to the LP for 6 days or more? seriusly?


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Off-Quotes occur in times of strong news price movement and low liquidity, it is a normal market phenomenon.


It is a very bad situation. This was the reason I changed my previous broker. There were too many irregularities during high market volatility or critical news release. mt4 platform seems different, the speed of execution reduces any effect of the fast market. As for "desync from MT4 to the LP", I have never experienced that with my broker.
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